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White Sands
B. Francis Chen LICSW

Background + Experience

As a second-generation Chinese American, I am passionate about creating a sense of belonging, especially for historically marginalized communities. Our history and personal story influence the way we are today. Understanding our past and its impact on our present helps decrease shame, increase self-compassion and acceptance, and gives us the power to change. 


I graduated from Harvard University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2000 and subsequently attended the Boston University School of Social Work. My advanced practicum was at the Albert & Jessie Danielsen Institute, where I received training in integrating spiritual, religious, and existential concerns in therapy. After I graduated in 2010 with an MSW in Social Work, I was granted the Herbert S. Strean Memorial Prize for outstanding merit in clinical practice and completed my Post-MSW fellowship at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates.


Since then, I’ve worked with clients of all ages with a wide range of challenges, including young children, college-aged and adult individuals, and couples. Most recently, I served as a staff clinician at Tufts University.


I look forward to supporting you on your unique journey to better mental and emotional health.

LicenseMA 117048 (LICSW)

Practice Areas of Interest

  • The intersection of race and emotional health

  • Mid- and quarter-life questions surrounding purpose and values

  • Deconstructing religion and religious trauma, especially for LGBTQ+ community members

  • Supporting parents of elementary-aged children

  • Imposter syndrome in academia and higher education

  • Empowering people from historically marginalized groups

  • Overcoming the effects of toxic masculinity for people of all genders

Personally Speaking

When not working with clients or leading groups, I 

enjoy hiking, paddle boarding, spending time in nature and quality time with my family (spouse, twin daughters and cat). 

Learning new things from clients and colleagues is always inspiring, both personally and professionally.

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