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I offer therapy for individuals and couples from all backgrounds, and have significant experience working with the Asian population and other people of color.


I look forward to working with you and helping you work through whatever

obstacles you’re facing.

Individual Therapy

My goal is to build trust and understanding from our first visit. Our work will begin with a 20-minute phone call to determine if trying out a first session makes sense. If we decide to work together, our sessions might look slightly different each time, but I will always meet you where you are. As we spend more time together, you have the option to direct the sessions based on what is most salient or important to you. Our sessions can be open-ended and fluid, or more structured.

Couples Therapy

My role as a couples therapist is to help you and your partner reestablish a connection and receive live coaching in effective conflict resolution. To begin, we’ll schedule a 20-minute phone call with one or both partners to determine if we are a good fit. If we decide to work together, our initial session will cover your relationship history and the main problems you are facing. That session is often followed by a one-on-one session with each individual before diving back into couples work.

Kindred Empowerment:
A group for APIDA/ Multiracial folks / Asians / Asian Americans
Launching early 2024

In this interpersonal process group, we will explore finding and using our voices, connecting over shared experiences while bridging differences, giving and receiving feedback, and integrating intersectional identities. 

Clinical Supervision + Consultation

Whether you are an early career therapist or a seasoned clinician, supervision or consultation can provide space to reflect on your work and deepen your clinical attunement. I provide a validating environment where you can grow in what you uniquely offer others.

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